About The Drain Bodyguard™

Plumbing Drain Float Switch

The Drain Bodyguard™ was developed out of the need to protect personal and business property from water damage in the event that a plumbing drain back ups or clogs. When a plumbing drain clog occurs, an HVAC condensate line runs into it, the potential water damage that can occur can be very expensive and damaging to any property. The Drain Bodyguard™ I and The Drain Bodyguard™ II will work with air conditioning systems, ice machines, soda fountain machines and more.

There to Detect…and Protect

Use our patent design bracket or clip style pipe holder to protect your home, business, and equipment from water damage. Today, water level float switches exist to protect and detect clogs from an HVAC drain pan, auxiliary drain pan, or directly on the condensate line. Now you can use the The Drain Bodyguard™ I and The Drain Bodyguard™ II to connect to your ice maker machine or HVAC system to cutoff in the event of a drain clog or backed up plumbing drain, reducing the potential amount of water to overflow.

Buy The Drain Bodyguard™

You can purchase the Drain Bodyguard™ I or Drain Bodyguard™ II online direct as a consumer. Are you a plumbing supply house or mechanical HVAC supplier? You can reach us direct if you need to order a large bulk order of a 100 quantities or more for wholesale pricing and suppliers. Email us today.

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