Drain Bodyguard™ II Pipe Clip Includes Float Switch Qty: 10



Plumbing Floor Drain Float Switch Qty: 10

The Drain Bodyguard™ II is  patent pending bracket designed to hold a safety cutoff switch to detect water level rise in the event of a floor drain back up or clog. Many float switches are designed to fit in an HVAC drain pan, auxiliary drain pan, over flow pan, or to detect a back up in the condensate pipe. The Drain Bodyguard™ II is the first safety protect designed to detect on your floor drain or upstairs plumbing drain by simply clipping onto the condensate pipe and easy to adjust the clip to rise, lower, or move side to side for optima water level detection.

Protect your most Valuable Investment

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A small investment in The Drain Bodyguard™ II can help prevent extensive and expensive water damage to a residential or commercial business property. We recommend installation only by a licensed and experienced technician to install and test your The Drain Bodyguard™ I device after the initial installation.  There to detect…and protect. Order yours today.

Ideal Protection for:

  • Plumbing Drain for Ice Machine
  • Plumbing Drain for Fountain/Soda Stations
  • Residential Home Protection
  • Business Drain Protection
  • Commercial Drain Protection


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